About Us

Established in 2007, S&H Remodeling, Inc. is a full-service renovation and construction management firm. Focused on multi-family and REO properties, S&H Remodeling, Inc. delivers full scale renovations for a variety of financial institutions.

With an emphasis on multi-family renovations and new construction builds, S&H Remodeling, Inc. is a versatile company that also provides turnkey solutions for the REO sector, institutional and private investors.

Our mission is to distinguish the value of your investment and provide quality, efficiency, and value engineered solutions to establish a turnkey product.

The S&H Remodeling Management Team believes the key to success lies heavily on the ability to communicate in an extraordinary fashion, both internally between their own organization’s departments, as well as externally with their clients. Internal infrastructure is designed around solving problems and designing procedures that are proactive and never reactive. Their belief not only rewards other entities who have a financial investment in the asset, but also build strong partnerships between S&H Remodeling, Inc. and their investing partners.


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